Startups Batch 17

Berkeley SkyDeck Europe, Milano


Audemic operates in the fast growing macro environment for direct-to-consumer e-learning and workplace learning and development. The startup builds multi-device educational software for researchers and the intellectually curious, allowing them to easily digest the most relevant open research based on their interests in a short-form written and audio format.




Distinkt operates in the security market with a patented nanoparticle-based ink startup, that is transferring 5 years of University research to the commercial sector for anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud applications due to the irreplicable nature of their product. Their long-term vision is to enable physical product encryption through the mass application of ink on UPC and QR Codes for luxury goods. Through these applications, they can easily bridge to the digital world providing encrypted physical-digital solutions.



Inrō operates in the social media marketing industry with a Direct Marketing Automation Tool that fundamentally changes how growth teams leverage social media. It uses AI to understand social cues and engage top leads with personalized messages that drive higher conversion. With Inrō, brands can nurture two-way conversations with their followers on a new unsaturated channel: social media direct messaging. For consumers, this means less spam, less intrusive ads, and more meaningful interactions with their favorite brands.


Kfobix Inc


KFOBIX revolutionizes the energy industry with a spray-applied, room-temperature curing solution, ensuring nearly four years of unmatched durability. From a robust scientific exploration, KFOBIX has birthed a superhydrophobic nanotechnological marvel, proven to curtail ice formation on electrical transmission lines by a staggering 94%. The product offers a blend of superior durability, cost-efficiency, and environmental friendliness. The seamless application process—a single-step spray—transcends traditional methods, establishing a new industry standard for both efficiency and effectiveness.




Klaaryo operates in the global IT staffing market with Luca, an AI-powered recruiting agent specifically trained to help companies scale their teams effortlessly. The agent executes the entire outbound recruitment process: from identifying the most suitable candidates to reaching out with a tailored approach and scheduling interviews. Luca is 5x cheaper than hiring a recruiter, close hires 30% faster, and decreases time to fill by 4x.




MON5 is a leading cybersecurity company dedicated to Operational Technology (OT) and critical infrastructure. MON5’s core mission is to provide robust protection for essential services such as energy, water, transportation, and manufacturing, which are vulnerable to cyber threats. The leading product of the company is Mon5hield, a comprehensive solution for industrial network security, ensuring visibility, threat analysis, advanced monitoring, and compliance with security standards.




Ochy operated in the Sports performance market with a real-time biomechanics assessment tool, using proprietary algorithms that provide movement assessments for individuals, with the use of a smartphone camera. Ochy brings lab-quality biomechanical analysis into the palm of any user’s hand using AI technology that can offer recommendations on strengthening weak areas, improving mobility, minimizing the risk of injuries, and improving performance.



Plino is an Accounting, Finance, and Control co-pilot for SMBs. The software integrates all business data, analyses them automatically, and replies to any question in natural language through an intuitive chat interface. Plino offers CEOs, CFOs, and heads of sales an immediate, error-free system for making strategic business decisions based on data, rather than intuition. Instead of waiting for hours for a reply from a colleague, or manually inputting data into Excel wasting valuable time, users can now obtain Accounting, Financial, and Control insights from data with just a single question.




Supplai is specialized in the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Market, revolutionazing procurement processes and supplier management for food and beverage manufacturing firms. The Supplai AI-driven SaaS platform simplifies order management, boosts operational efficiency by 40%-60%, and fosters better supplier collaboration, cutting management costs. By seamlessly connecting suppliers and purchase managers, Supplai ensures enhanced communication, transparency, and data sharing, ending the era of sole data ownership by purchase managers