About us


Cariplo Factory is an innovation hub that activates a talent chain that includes experiential training courses, entrepreneurial support programs, open innovation projects, Venture Capital investments and internationalization support activities.
We are a Benefit Company. We work transparently and responsibly. Together with economic sustainability, we dedicate our commitment to the creation of a positive impact for the benefit of the community.


Our values



In our vision, creativity and innovation are essential and complementary elements to develop talent, generate employability and fuel the competitiveness of the Italian industrial system.



We believe in the value of collaboration. Spaces, circulation of ideas, co-design, know-how: in Cariplo Factory everything is open and inclusive to encourage contamination, our driving force to create economic, social, cultural and environmental value.



Responsibility is the governance we have chosen for all our activities: Cariplo Factory is committed to consolidating an ethical approach to innovation in the pluralism of ideas, gender equality and the protection of vulnerable communities.



Cariplo Factory recognizes itself in the generative model capable of producing economic growth by promoting sustainable social interactions and respecting natural capital.

Our commitment


In continuity with its institutional mission and in line with its corporate values, starting from 2020, Cariplo Factory has decided to assume the status of Benefit Company, which,in the exercise of economic activity, it aims to contribute to the common benefit, operating in a responsible and transparent way in order to produce a positive impact on people, communities, the environment, cultural heritage and civil society.


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