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In the ex Ansaldo area

Cariplo Factory was born in the ex Ansaldo area of Milan. For close to a century, the industrial complex was a site of design and production in the electromechanical industry unlike any other in Italy. In spite of bombing during the Second World War, the production site remained a mainstay of Italian industry until the Sixties.

100 thousand square metres

In the Fifties the industrial complex reached a surface area of 100 thousand square metres and employed over 5 thousand workers. The Ansaldo activity finally came to a halt in 1986, receiving a special send-off from the Strings section of Milan’s Teatro alla Scala.

Spirit of excellence

Now fully redeveloped, the old factory has become an engine of experimentation and creativity within the Tortona district of Milan. Cariplo Factory was born with the aim of preserving the spirit of excellence and innovation that fuelled the old Ansaldo plant.

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    Cariplo Factory

    Area ex Ansaldo

    Via Bergognone, 34 – angolo via Tortona
    20144 Milano