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All users of this website must exercise caution when accessing and using the website and read the following terms and conditions carefully.




The content of this website, including all information, data, communications, text documents, editorial content, drawings, images and photographs, video databases, software and any other audio-visual material of any kind herein, is the property of Cariplo Factory S.r.l., unless otherwise stated[i],, and is protected by law.

All content published or featured on this website, the selection and organisation of said content, and the layout and design of the website are protected by Privacy legislation (Dlgs. 30/6/2003, no. 196), by Copyright legislation (Law 22/4/1941, no. 633, as amended by Dlgs. 29/12/1992 no. 518, on the Legal Protection of software, and subsequent amendments) and by other national and international legislation protecting intellectual and industrial property, and their amendments and additions.

Cariplo Factory S.r.l. provides authorisation to view, copy, download and print the documents available on this website solely for personal use. The documents may not be modified or shared or distributed to third parties.

Restricted authorisation to use the content and documents on this website (for the purposes cited above) is exclusively tied to the recognition, respect and protection on the part of the User of every notice referring to copyright, registered trademarks or other rights protecting the content of the website.

Cariplo Factory S.r.l. does not release any right to any content of the website that has been downloaded and used by the User[ii].

Recording, storing, copying, reproducing, or modifying even part of the content in any form and by any means (electronic, mechanical, telematic, computer) is prohibited, unless prior specific authorisation is granted in writing by the Website Owner.

Where prior written authorisation for reproduction is granted, the source of the content must be cited. Copyright, trademark, and other ownership policies relating to Cariplo Factory S.r.l. documents available on this website may not be removed.

This authorisation does not apply to documents and/or material belonging to other content providers that may feature on this website in the form of links.

Reproduction, copying or redistribution of this website’s material or design elements for commerical purposes is strictly prohibited in the absence of explicit written authorisation from Cariplo Factory S.r.l.





The trademarks and any other distinguishing marks indicated and used on this website are the sole property of Cariplo Factory S.r.l.. Use of these trademarks or other marks without prior written authorisation is not permitted.



This website belongs solely to Cariplo Factory S.r.l.. The internet domain name was obtained according to the methods and procedures in effect at the time the assignment request was submitted.

The following are prohibited:

  1. Modification of the website or of any of its content or modes of access;
  2. Behaviour which constitutes a crime in accordance with existing legislation (for example so-called “cyber crime”, such as the breach of digital domicile);
  3. Behaviour intended to subdivide parts or sections of this website and/or incorporate them into other sites belonging to third parties, or modify, copy, reproduce, republish, make public, broadcast or distribute in any way the Content, whether whole or in part, including codes and software, without prior agreement from Cariplo Factory S.r.l. in violation of the present conditions;
  4. Attempting to access reserved areas of the website without authorisation profile;
  5. Uploading IT programmes, files, and other materials containing harmful or disruptive features, including, for example, viruses, manipulated files, “hidden” files (for example, images containing integrated audio files), which could affect the integrity or functionality or online communication of the website;
  6. In general, usage that causes or may cause damage, interruption or restriction of this website or its services;
  7. Using the website for the unauthorised collection of personal information relating to third parties (e.g. email addresses).



On this website there may be links to other third party entity websites.

By using links to other sites, the user voluntarily leaves this website and is directed to webpages on other websites. Users who decide to use a link in order to access other websites assume all risks linked to this decision.

Cariplo Factory S.r.l. is not liable for the content of any sites that may be accessed by means of links which are not under its own control. Cariplo Factory S.r.l. reserves the right to delete any link or linking device at any time, except in the presence of agreements with the third parties involved.

Any User wishing to insert a link to this website on their own homepage must request the authorisation of Cariplo Factory S.r.l.. Cariplo Factory S.r.l. reserves the right to evaluate the request and grant authorisation according to its own discretion.






This website divulges information at the discretion of the Website Owner. The Website Owner agrees to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information featured on this website is accurate and complete.

The material contained on the Website is provided “in the state in which it is found” and without guarantees of any sort, explicit or implicit.

The fact that a document is available on the website does not mean that the information contained in it has not been modified or replaced by subsequent events or by a document published subsequently.

The representation of said information does not imply or give rise to guarantees of any kind for the website users. The information, images, and illustrations are not binding and may be changed without any prior notice.

In its capacity as Website Owner, Cariplo Factory S.r.l. does not assume liability for, nor does it guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information made available on this website, or that the information is up-to-date. The Website Owner does not assume liability, nor does it guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information available on this site through direct or indirect hypertext links with other websites, or that the information available on said websites is up-to-date, correct and truthful, nor does it assume liability for any links contained on said websites.

The Website Owner does not guarantee that the information provided by means of such direct or indirect links does not violate the rights of third parties, including – but not limited to – intellectual property rights. The Website Owner is not liable for any error or omission that may appear on a website connected via a link, created by the Owner or the provider of the website content. A link to a website does not in any way imply or constitute an endorsement, sponsorship, affiliation with or recommendation of said provider.

For legal reasons, we cannot, and nor do we attempt to control the information that our commercial partners or users provide us with, and which are available on this website. This website exists purely as a showcase. The Website Owner cannot be held responsible for the content of any other webpage made available by means of a hypertext link. The Website Owner does not have control over the quality, security or legitimacy of the information provided by third parties. All entities other than the Website Owner who provide information on, or through, this website are individually liable for their own content as it appears on the website or is otherwise presented.

Given that the Website Owner does not possess any specific knowledge of said pages, nor has it examined the content, the Website Owner asks that caution is exercised at all times during use of this website. The Website Owner reserves the right to make changes or modifications to the information available on this website at any time, without prior notice.

The Website Owner is not liable for direct or indirect damage, including loss of profit, resulting damages, or damages of any kind, or viruses which may harm or infect the User’s computer or other property as a result of accessing or using this website, and/or as the result of using information available on this website.

If the content of this website results in the need for repairs, assistance or correction of equipment or data, these costs must be covered by the User.

In the event of problems or difficulties when consulting another website accessible by means of a link, we invite the user to contact the owner of the site in question directly.



Cariplo Factory S.r.l. cannot be held liable:

  1. For facts and/or damage to the user and/or third parties that may result from the use of this website and/or its Content;
  2. For any facts and/or damage caused by action undertaken following prohibited conduct on the part of the user or third parties;
  3. For problems to the User arising from interruptions, suspensions, delays or anomalies in the execution of the service caused by the electricity supply or telephone/internet service, or by other causes relating to technical means by which the Content is conveyed, which are not caused by Cariplo Factory S.r.l..

Cariplo Factory S.r.l., in spite of its constant efforts to improve the services provided, cannot offer an absolute guarantee of the accuracy or the up-to-date nature of the website’s content.



Cariplo Factory S.r.l. reserves the right, at any time, at its sole and incontestable discretion, with or without reason and without any prior notice, to block access to this website or to delete any content created by the user.

If any of the regulations in these conditions of use is considered to be invalid or inapplicable, such invalidity or inapplicability shall have no effect on other regulations contained in these conditions, which shall remain in full force.

These conditions of website usage are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in the Italian state, while the choice or application of any other governing law shall remain excluded.

The user expressly accepts said choice of law, and any disputes arising from the use of this website and the application, interpretation and/or execution of the present conditions shall be governed by Italian law.

The Court of Milan, Italy, shall have sole jurisdiction and competence in any dispute relating to these conditions.


[i] We refer to material and projects relating to initiatives promoted by Cariplo Factory S.r.l., and which may be published on the Website, that remain property of the respective owners.

[ii] It is important to clarify that the contents of the website remain subject to copyright. Any user who is granted permission to download material from the website must be aware that he/she does not acquire any rights to said material.