Startups Batch 16

Berkeley SkyDeck Europe, Milano



Alloccasions is an AI-powered mobile app that simplifies and automates car inspections and re-marketing for the automotive industry. In less than 5 minutes, a guided video inspection will scan their vehicle’s license plate, body, wheels, interior, engine, and maintenance documents, to automatically and instantly develop a comprehensive report that includes, precise estimations of repair costs, comparisons to similar vehicles available in the market, the car’s history, and much more. 




Donaa is a B2B software company that uses materials engineering-based algorithms and AI to detect 3D printing defects in real-time which decreases costs by at least 25% and reduces production timelines by at least 50% for industrial manufacturers. 


Dowork technologies has developed an advanced and individually adaptable simulated customer service representative with human-like conversational capabilities using generative AI technology which enables small and medium-sized businesses to deliver high-quality customer service, comparable to large corporations, at a fraction of the cost and human capital. 




Fintellect is a SaaS platform that enables project-based companies to overcome profit gaps caused by disconnected financial tools. The platform helps service companies streamline project finances, using the power of open-banking and API-first structure. 


Gisens Biotech


Gisens Biotech has developed a new generation of medical diagnostic devices that enables real-time and at-home monitoring of patients with chronic conditions. By leveraging solid-state nanochemistry tools the company has developed a first-of-its-kind bioelectronic sensor using graphene. 




RebX is replacing unreliable molecules used as ingredients for the development of a stable and sustainable supply of ingredients such as flavors and fragrances. The company develops metabolic engineering tools and a fungal fermentation platform to produce molecule concentrates for industrial uses in personal care, food & beverage, and home care products among many others.


Sefi AI


Sefi lets mass market end-users build games in minutes on the fly with no code, embedded within an existing content ecosystem (TikTok, Snapchat, Discord, Twitch, Netflix, Xbox, etc.). By integrating generative AI models with game engines, Sefi.AI extracts a no-code game engine, allowing an untapped market of casual users to feel the game creation magic and instantly build, play, share, and monetize their games with followers and friends. 

Silica Corpora


Silica Corpora designs the next generation of antibody therapeutics using generative AI. The estimated cost of bringing a new prescription drug to the market has risen dramatically from $800M in 2003 to $6.4B in 2022 and early stages of drug discovery take ~ 3 years. 




Skyld is a software editor that provides protection against reverse engineering for on-device AI algorithms (mobile, IoT, web, desktop) with no impact on performance or accuracy. Training accurate and efficient AI models requires substantial investments of data, resources, and intellectual capital.