Talent, agent of innovation

Talent is the cornerstone of Cariplo Factory’ supply chain: in our vision, talent is not only excellence but also an expression of potential. To create and nurture people’s talent, we organize experiential training activities for students, innovators, young professionals and new generation entrepreneurs.

Experiential training

Skills, but not only that. Best practices, shared models and experiences, case histories: all of this is the fuel of lifelong learning, the continuous training that the job market requires today. Education is the first link in our talent supply chain.


A national network of incubators

From the idea to the business. We have developed an entrepreneurial empowerment model spread throughout the country that involves the best certified incubators.
The idea is yours, we assure you the expertise on specific issues, logics of proximity and custom made incubation.


Summer Camp


Coding, video, gaming and robotics become an opportunity for girls and boys that are between 8 and 13 years, to reflect on their physical and digital identity and experience an active and conscious role in the use of technologies.

Our innovation hub


Our innovation hub is located in Tortona district of Milan, today a place of creativity and experimentation, once it was the site of the Ansaldo industrial complex. Over 3000 square meters including networking and event spaces, academies, video recording studios and a food tech laboratory.

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