Health and Well-being: selected teams

After the Demo Days (January 18-19) 7 teams of innovators were selected in order for them to take part in Coopen participatory process dedicated to Health and Well-being, in partnership with Italian Civil Society Organizations (OSC):


  • AfyaRekod
  • Chiwarà
  • De-LAB srl SB
  • Digital Health Uganda
  • Ilara Health
  • Medere S.r.l.
  • Tech Care For All


Each selected team proposed an innovative solution to address one of the challenges identified during the Participatory Tables on Health and Well-being:


  • Promote the training of the qualified medical and healthcare personnel
  • Maintenance of the medical equipment and instruments
  • Construction of healthcare environments and infrastructures
  • Collect and organise the clinical data
  • Prevention in local communities and vulnerable groups


The projects will take place in Kenya, Senegal, Uganda.


The selected teams will carry out the projects together with the following Italian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs): Amref Health Africa, CBM Italia, COL’OR NGO, Comunità di S. Egidio ACAP, Fondazione Piero e Lucille Corti, Medici con l’Africa CUAMM, Rainbow For Africa.