Digital Transformation

Digital is an opportunity

Digital transformation is a fundamental driver for growth and value generation: we help companies catch all benefits. We offer our partners the opportunity to collaborate with the best startups on the market, take advantage of business design to stimulate new ideas, transform them into innovative projects and make them mature according to company objectives.

Ideas to generate value

To find something, you need to know what and where to look for. This is why we always start from the innovation gaps that our corporate partners want to fill in order to scout ideas inside or outside the company, relevant digital technologies and the best startups already on the market to develop concrete projects to shorten the time to market and development costs.

Success Story: Eni

Health, Retail, Digitalization

We have supported Eni in the research and evaluation of innovative projects. After a pre-analysis phase, there were selected services for the digitization of specific areas related to the health and safety of people, digital solutions for the enhancement of service areas and technologies to make company manuals interactive.

From the idea to the market

The world is full of good ideas that don’t get realized. We work with corporate partners to transform ideas into projects using innovative methodologies that we have validated, such as the Ideas Building Sprint. We follow the ‘engage’ phase between the company and startup or external technological solutions. We do not have a turnkey model, but we co-design the innovation path together with our partners. We work on the development of the Value Proposition, of the Business Model to get to the execution phase with the development of prototypes (MVP) to be tested on the market.


Success Story: Europ Assistance

Medical, Caregiving, Leisure

Smart Aging – Care For Baby Boomers is the project that we realized in collaboration with Europ Assistance with the aim of identifying increasingly simple and personalized insurance services dedicated to people over 65.

Culture of innovation

We believe that innovation is above all a cultural theme. We work with and in companies to create an environment that conducives to change, stimulating people’s talent and creativity. Preparing the internal teams of companies to follow the birth and growth of new projects, revisiting innovation processes, models and organizational tools. We set up worktables between industry leaders to collaborate on common Open Innovation projects.


Meeting the successful innovators

We organize workshops and conferences to meet and discuss with innovation leaders, from the most visionary startuppers to managers who are successfully implementing their business transformation paths. All of this to understand how digital transformation is bringing disruption to every sector. Do you want to see first-hand how innovation develops in the field? Come and visit us at our innovation hub.

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