Circular Economy

Towards new models of value creation

We help companies to seize the opportunities of the Circular Economy, based on new models of value creation in the collective interest. We combine our skills in the field of open innovation with the experience of our partners to activate innovation paths.

Circular Economy Lab

The Circular Economy Lab is the innovation initiative that arises from the partnership of Cariplo Factory with Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center to accelerate the transition of Italian companies towards circular economy models. In a logic of open and inclusive innovation, the Circular Economy Lab aims to involve large companies and transformative agents such as startups, innovative SMEs, universities, research centers and technology transfer centers.

Thinking and acting in a circular way

We organize workshops and envisioning paths to help companies think, act and produce value according to the logic of the Circular Economy. We make sure of the fact that people are involved and updated on the most advanced innovation methodologies, but above all that they understand that circular transformation is, first of all, a long-term strategy.


Co-design and turnkey initiatives

Change is an indispensable factor for growth which often collides with strong internal resistance. How is this problem solved? By fueling the culture of innovation and involving people. Together with our partners, we co-design tailor-made solutions, from the care of a single process to a ‘turnkey’ project’.


Structured transformation processes

Not only the circular approach allows the overcoming of the ‘production-consumption-waste’ model, but also the increase of the duration and competitiveness of resources, favoring the full integration of sustainability and creating shared value for the whole society. We help companies identifying critical processes, updating and redesigning them according to needs and objectives.


Success Story: Trace x Novamont

Circular Economy & Bioeconomy

Trace x Novamont is an Open Innovation project focused on the Bioeconomy. The initiative was created in collaboration with Novamont and is directed to post-seed startups, companies and research projects, capable of offering innovative solutions functional to Novamont’s activities and its areas of specific interest and expanding the Bioeconomy chain.

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