Building bridges for startups from all over the globe to a world of opportunities in Europe

Connections are good, but they can also be frail. They can be lost just as easily as they were made. Bridges are strong, and they’re built to last.

During the pandemic when borders were closed, travel was impossible, and entrepreneurs were struggling, Berkeley SkyDeck partnered with Lendlease and Cariplo Factory; like-minded architects who were as ambitious as we were, and saw opportunity in the face of a threatened entrepreneurial ecosystem. Together we built Berkeley SkyDeck Europe, a bridge connecting an unparalleled network of advisors, mentors, investors, and corporate partners, to bring startups from all over the world to a world of opportunities. The goal was the exchange of knowledge, experience, and best practices to create something that was far greater than the sum of its parts; an ecosystem of talent, resources, and opportunity. A place that founders can call home.

Berkeley SkyDeck Europe, Milano opened its first round of applications on Jan. 31, 2022, and received ~570 applications from all over the world. The caliber of applicants and diversity of startups that we met further confirmed the need to continue making the program as accessible as possible to the world of innovators. Nine startups spanning five countries were selected to join the inaugural batch, and we couldn’t have selected a more talented group of entrepreneurs. (Stay tuned for Demo Day details to learn more about them ;)).

We’ve expanded our network of advisors across Europe, carefully reviewing countless applications and selecting only the most qualified candidates whose experience and values align with the goals of the program. The result is a network with a breadth and depth of industry and sector experience, all of whom we are excited to have welcomed to our family. As you might have guessed it’s not just the founders that are held to such high standards, it’s everyone that joins, supports, or works with the program. We believe in ecosystems, and creating one requires that those who join are aligned with its values. To that point, we couldn’t have worked with better partners to jointly lead the charge and develop an ecosystem of opportunities.

So what’s the secret to achieving that balance of exchanging knowledge, experience, and culture to create that perfect program? That’s an easy one — stay founder-focused, and for everything you do always ask yourself, “How does this benefit the founder?” The dynamic answers that this question yields are the foundation of our bridge and the driving force behind shaping the program.

Berkeley SkyDeck Europe is accepting applications for its Batch 15 program through August 31st and we’re in search of those who are as aspirational as we are, and are limited only by their own ambitions. Those that join the program will enter a community of changemakers that are more interested in exploring their ability to change the world for the better, rather than accepting the status quo.


Founders interested in applying for SkyDeck’s Batch 15 Cohort can apply between August 1–31, 2022 via


George Panagiotakopoulos

Head of Europe – Berkeley SkyDeck, il principale acceleratore tecnologico della UC Berkeley