Startups Batch 14

Berkeley SkyDeck Europe, Milano



A technologically advanced Organs-on-Chip (OoC) solution that allows to discover better and safer therapies, filling existing gaps in strategic therapeutic areas.




This “Shazam for fashion” is a mobile app that helps shoppers find and buy any clothes and accessories they have seen on the web, on social media, or in real life.




A low carbon and cost-effective solution for long range aerial data collection and analysis (power line, pipelines, railroads inspection, cartography, and agriculture).



the first robot chef for chemists that automates their more manual, repetitive, and prone-to-error tasks.




An “AI Assembly Line” that helps Computer Vision & NLP teams to industrialize their machine learning products & services.




A customer-feedback and NPS (net promoter score) system that helps form a positive brand reputation by improving the quality of service, identify and solve customers’ problems quickly.




A DSS (Decision Support System) / DA (Decision Analytics) platform for urban space management. It allows cities to make better shared-mobility decisions, and shared mobility operators to increase profitability.




Europe’s first semi-autonomous delivery robot, optimized for bicycle lanes. It perfectly fits into the new pioneering L4 autonomous driving law in Europe and can reduce the cost of the so-called ‘last mile’ by up to 80%.




A patented optical technology for the three-dimensional display of contents in holographic projection devices, such as augmented reality head-up displays (AR HUD) for automotive and aerospace applications. These devices expand awareness of the surrounding environment, decreasing distraction and increasing user response times.